Welwaze Medical, Inc. Received Florida Governor’s 2018 Job Creation Award

Welwaze Medical, Inc. announced that it is a proud recipient of the 2018 Job Creator Award, presented by Florida Governor Rick Scott at Enterprise Florida, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting on Sept. 12.

Alex J. Ness receiving Florida Governor’s 2018 Job Creation Award

The award recognizes Florida businesses that have the propensity to contribute to the workforce ecosystem and economic prosperity. It is awarded to a select few; Welwaze Medical, Inc., Telemundo, Caspani Tino, and Genius Plaza.

Welwaze is a pioneering startup that seeks to improve women’s health with life enhancing medical devices through the combination of science and technology. Its first product; Celbrea TMD is an FDA cleared, Class I medical device that can support the early detection of breast cancer adjunct to other screening tools. Enterprise Florida Board of Directors & Stakeholder Council were present for the Award Presentation Ceremony. Attendees included Mayor Francis Suarez, Joe York Vice Chairman, and the Beacon Council. “Miami is in the midst of a significant transition. It is on its way to developing a robust startup culture,” said Mayor Francis Suarez.

Welwaze is one of many companies that have recognized Florida as the best place to grow their business. “We are grateful for the backing of the council, enabling us to thrive and grow,” said Alex J. Ness, Executive Chairman of Welwaze. He continued, “Florida has always been a fantastic ecosystem for the medical device industry. Just look at Miami’s backyard of hospitals, research centers, and medical community whom we would like to partner with, so together we can end breast cancer.” “We have received so much support from local authorities and Miami Dade County that it will be our dream to succeed,” said Alex, who was on hand to accept the award at InterContinental in Miami.

We value being able to contribute to the social impact and the overall economic health of the state of Florida. This award is an honor and also a milestone to mark what we stand to achieve. Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) is a public-private partnership between Florida’s business and government leaders and is the principal economic development organization for Florida. EFI’s mission is to expand and diversify the state’s economy through job creation.

Recipients of Florida Governor’s 2018 Job Creation Award

About Welwaze

Welwaze Medical, Inc. headquartered in Miami, develops life-enhancing medical devices to enable physicians and users to better manage and improve their health. Its first product is Celbrea Thermal Mapping Device, is FDA cleared and based on the science of angiogenesis, to monitor women’s breast health.

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