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We are committed to developing medical devices that create a higher level of care management capability. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy.

Our vision

We want to be recognized worldwide as a human-first company that uses science and MedTech to keep people healthy.

Our purpose

To develop medical devices that change how health data is collected, analyzed and made accessible to patients and healthcare professionals.

Our mission

We develop advanced tools and devices to empower people from all communities to improve their health.

Putting people first in healthcare

Our healthcare technology solutions.

Meet Celbrea®

Live by choice, not by chance.

Celbrea® is a breast thermal activity indicator, able to detect elevated temperature as a thermal biomarker for possible early breast disease detection.

Celbrea® is used by physicians as an adjunct to routine physical examination, including palpation, mammography and other established procedures for detecting breast disease.

We’re specialists in women’s breast healthcare solutions.

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