Welwaze Medical, Inc. is recognized with 2018 Innovation Award

Welwaze Medical received an Innovation Award during the 2018 Healthcare Revolution conference in Orlando, FL for its work on Celbrea.

Alex J. Ness receiving the Innovation Awards from Jonathan Edelheit

This award recognizes leading organizations and change agents transforming the healthcare industry and reshaping society at large. This award was launched for the first time this year, as the conference founders; Renee-Marie Stephano and Johnathan Edelheit believed that innovation and disruption are more important than ever. “The healthcare industry is faced with challenges in rising health care costs, lack of engagement of employees, problems with absenteeism, etc. and there is a pressing need to break the mold,” said Renee-Marie Stephano, CEO, and Founder of Global Healthcare Resources.

Welwaze was recognized amongst the top most innovative healthcare companies of 2018, highlighting its development work on its proprietary medical device Celbrea TMD, a scientific and technological innovation that supports early detection of breast abnormalities including breast cancer with the potential to reach millions of women worldwide. Celbrea will transform the health and well-being of employees, an innovative care model that keeps scaling. “When I heard about Celbrea, I knew that this product can disrupt the healthcare landscape,” said Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman and Cofounder of Global Healthcare Resources.

The Healthcare Revolution Conference focused on transforming the healthcare business, brings together over a thousand leading Self-Funded Employers, Agents, Brokers, and Benefit Directors to discuss innovative solutions and disruptive ideas to address critical problems and challenges in the industry.

Welwaze was presented a great opportunity to drive further engagement within the industry, when we were invited to give a company presentation in the opening ceremony. “Welwaze is a company where business and social impact goes hand-in-hand. We hope to give people the chance to live longer, better, and more fully regardless of where they are from and their economic status” said Alex J. Ness, Founder and Executive Chairman of Welwaze. Alex shared how Celbrea, an integrated system of a medical device and an app that supports the early detection of breast cancer and can play a critical role in engaging patients and physicians to improve the standard of care and patient’s breast health.

Alex J. Ness presenting about Celbrea at the Innovation Award Ceremony

About Welwaze

Welwaze Medical, Inc. headquartered in Miami, develops life-enhancing medical devices to enable physicians and users to better manage and improve their health. Its first product is Celbrea Thermal Mapping Device, is FDA cleared and based on the science of angiogenesis, to monitor women’s breast health.

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