Welwaze Medical, Inc. wins Novartis’ Innovation Award

Welwaze Medical wins Novartis’ Innovation Award at the Innovation Week held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Innovation Week is a meeting aimed at medical and entrepreneurial communities with a focus on the digital revolution taking place in healthcare. The event highlighted the importance of the constant need to bring “true innovations” in the healthcare space by re-imagining how we develop new tools that optimize the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. The Innovation Award recognized our innovative approach in developing medical devices along with technological tools to support early breast cancer detection. Welwaze won 1st place, out of the 120 applicants and the 10 who were pre-selected to present. In announcing Welwaze as the winner of this award, the judging panel drew attention to Celbrea as a medical breakthrough and called it “a moonshot project that has the potential to change the world”. “To have our technology recognized at Novartis Innovation Week is a huge honor and strengthens our commitment to promote women’s health”, said Alex J. Ness, Founder and Executive Chairman of Welwaze. Beyond the validation that this Innovation Award represents, it is the first recognition we have received outside of the U.S. This confirms that Celbrea is truly a global product relevant for women across the world with the potential to scale.

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First place for Novartis Innovation Award

About Welwaze

Welwaze Medical, Inc. headquartered in Miami, develops life-enhancing medical devices to enable physicians and users to better manage and improve their health. Its first product is Celbrea Thermal Mapping Device, is FDA cleared and based on the science of angiogenesis, to monitor women’s breast health.

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