Top American scientist executive Dr. Mary Gunn joins Welwaze as Director

Welwaze Medical has added Dr. Mary Gunn, an American scientist as a director of the medical technology company.

Gunn was recently the COO of Health Decisions at a biotechnology and diagnostics research firm specializing in women’s health and cancer diagnostics.

She has worked across 27 years with commercial and public biotechnology, medical technology, and research companies, with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and economics, a master’s degree in international relations, an LL.M. of law in medical ethics, and a PhD in psychology.

Gunn founded a MedTech trade group in Asia because she is passionate about access to innovation. She’s also a published author and a sought-after speaker for organizations and conferences such as BBC World News, the Financial Times, International Women’s Day, and others.

The senior scientist has over two decades of clinical development expertise and a proven track record of successfully completing medication, device, and diagnostic development initiatives.

She has worked as the COO and MD of private and public biotechnology, medical technology, and CRO companies, operationally overseeing up to 75 countries and 4,200 employees in pharmaceuticals (Pfizer), biotechnology (Crucell), medical devices/diagnostics (Becton Dickinson), and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) (ICON Plc).

Gunn also has more than 20 years of experience as a board member for mission-driven companies, where she has provided fiduciary oversight, identified areas of strategic growth (including organic international expansion, licensing agreements, biologics co-development with pharma strategic partners, and global M&A), supported fundraising, ensured compliance, and hired/evaluated members of the executive team.

Women’s health, oncology, autoimmune illness, neurology, vaccines/pandemic planning, and diagnostics are among her therapeutic areas of specialization.

Gunn is a board member of the SpotArt Foundation, a public investment firm, as well as an industrial advisor to private equity for 15 years and was a member of Brown University’s university planning advisory board.

Welwaze Medical is a mission driven MedTech company that leverages science and technology to develop innovative solutions that allow people to manage and enhance their health.

Their mission is to democratize health and prevent more breast cancer deaths by early detection of the disease.

Gunn is welcomed with open arms by everyone at Welwaze, where the company looks forward to implementing effective technologies within the healthcare industry.

About Welwaze
Welwaze’s mission is to prevent more breast cancer deaths. We are a purpose-driven health tech company that sits at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the healthcare industry. We strive to deliver innovative, viable, and scalable medical technology. Our unique ecosystem includes Celbrea TMD, an FDA cleared medical device that supports early detection of breast abnormalities and a comprehensive companion app that will allow women to manage their breast health throughout their lives.

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